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Mobile Apps and Websites

Manage your health and wellness on the go with these free apps and online tools. Learn more.

Health Care Reform Changes

You’ve probably heard a lot about U.S. health care reform in the news. There are some major changes that started in January 2014. Learn more.

New Tax Form 1095-C

Starting in 2016, you may receive a Form 1095-C as Omnicell, Inc. is an Applicable Large Employer subject to the employer shared responsibility provision in the Affordable Care Act. This Form 1095-C includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you by your employer and will be used when filing your taxes (much like a W-2 Form). Form 1095-C includes information about the coverage, if any, your employer offered to you and your spouse and dependent(s) and the timeframe that you were covered. Click Here for questions and answers about health care information forms.

Long term care insurance gives you financial peace of mind

Nearly 50% of all Americans will need some form of long term care—either in an assisted living facility or at home. The cost of that long term care facility currently tops $200 a day and is expected to be more than $400 in 2030 with an average stay of two and a half years. Do the math. (Okay, we’ll do it. It’s more than $350,000 in 2030!) That’s a lot of money. Omnicell is now offering long term care insurance to help you and your close family members prepare for those costs. Learn more.

Always wanted your own health and fitness coach?

Omnicell offers two free resources for personalized training and coaching to help you meet your health and fitness goals:

Bay Area's Healthiest Employers

Omnicell was awarded for being one of the Bay Area's Healthiest Employers in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

2012 Healthiest Employers

Omnicell has once again been chosen as one of The Healthiest Employers to work for in 2016, ranking 8th in the mid-size category (of 35 honorees) in the Bay Area! This annual awards program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. The winners represent organizations that have achieved success through employee wellness initiatives and programs. They set an inspiring example for other organizations looking to prevent, measure and improve the health of their populations.

Health and Wellness Mobile Apps

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