Biometric Screenings

Omnicell offers free, confidential biometric screenings. Your HR team will send you specific details for all biometric screening events.

What's a biometric screening?

A biometric screening is a quick and easy way to get a big-picture look at your health. It includes blood work to check your cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels, as well as a blood pressure check and a measure of your height, weight and body mass index (BMI). You results can help identify problems and risk factors that you and your doctor may need to manage together.

It's 100% confidential

The results of your biometric screening and the personal health assessment are completely confidential. Omnicell will receive a report of aggregate results to help guide us in designing health care benefits and wellness programs that best fit our workforce. However, to remain in compliance with several privacy laws, no one at Omnicell will ever see your personal data.