Aetna Teladoc makes it easy to request a medical consultation anytime and anywhere you need it. Simply call 1-855-Teladoc for conditions like: Respiratory infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, allergies, colds and flu, Sore throat, and pink eye.

There is a cost to use Teladoc as it is a phone or video visit with a licensed physician who can prescribe drugs. The actual cost of the service is $40 or less. The cost is determined by the plan you are in and mirrors the specialist copay. For our Aetna plans it is $20 except for the HSA plan where the cost is $40 until the deductible is met, then it would be 10% of the cost or $4. It is available for employees and dependents. Also new hires receive a welcome packet.

*Not available for employees on CA HMO plan at this time.

To learn more, please go to

Teladoc FAQs

Kaiser Members

Kaiser also has Video Visits available to employees on their plan. Check out Video Visits to see a doctor wherever you are!