You work hard. You deserve a vacation. That’s why Omnicell provides vacation time to all regular full-time and part-time employees who work at least 20 hours per week. You begin accruing vacation time per pay period immediately upon hire.

How you accrue vacation time

Part-time employees

If you’re a regular part-time employee who works at least 20 hours per week but no more than 39 hours per week, you’ll accrue vacation time on a prorated basis based on the number of hours you work.

Full-time employees

If you’re a regular full-time employee, you’ll accrue vacation according to the following schedule based on your completed years of service. To encourage you to use your vacation time, there is a limit on how much time you can accrue per year. Once you reach the maximum accrual limit, you stop accruing vacation time until you use vacation days and fall below the limit.

Completed Years of Service Vacation Days per Year Total Days Cap
Less than 2 years 10 days 11 days
2 - 5 years 15 days 16.5 days
5 – 10 years 18 days 19.8 days
10 – 15 years 20 days 22 days
More than 15 years 22 days 24.42 days

Exempt employees and SSDs will not accrue vacation. There is no set guideline as to how much time off you can take as long as it does not negatively affect your duties and responsibilities. Your vacation time must be approved in advance by your manager. Since you do not accrue vacation time, “unused” vacation time will not be carried over from one year to the next or paid out upon termination. Utilization of flex vacation time by exempts is not intended to used instead of sick time or instead of filing a short term disability claim.

Please review the FAQ for additional information on utilization of sick and vacation time if you are absent due to a personal illness or injury. (employees must be logged into VPN to view the document)