Omnicell’s vision plan is available through Aetna Vision Preferred.

How it works

  • You can use the provider of your choice. But you’ll pay less when you use a network provider. And you won’t have to do any paperwork. Your claims will be processed for you.
  • Aetna Vision Preferred has an extensive network of providers, including private-practice optometrists and ophthalmologists and nationally recognized retail optical providers, including:
    • LensCrafters
    • Pearle Vision
    • Target Optical
    • JCPenney Optical
  • When you use a non-network provider, you are responsible for paying the provider in full at the time of service. And you will need to submit a claim form and itemized receipt to receive reimbursement. You can send your claim to:

    Aetna Vision
    Attn: OON Claims
    P.O. Box 8504
    Mason, OH 45040-7111

Network vision care providers

To locate an Aetna Vision Preferred network provider near you, call 1-877-973-3238 or visit the Aetna website.

Plan highlights

General Plan Information In-Network Out-of-Network
Co-pay Amount Examination $0 N/A
Co-pay Amount Materials $20 N/A
Benefit Frequency
Examinations Once every 12 months Once every 12 months
Lenses Once every 12 months Once every 12 months
Frames Once every 24 months Once every 24 months
Contacts (in lieu of lenses and frames) Once every 12 months Once every 12 months
Plan Provisions
Examination Covered in full* $49 allowance
Single Vision Lens Covered in full* $35 allowance
Bifocal Lens Covered in full* $49 allowance
Trifocal Lens Covered in full* $74 allowance
Progressive Lens $85 co-pay $49 allowance


  • Elective
  • Therapeutic

  • $130 allowance, then 15% off remaining balance
  • Covered in full*

  • $92 allowance
  • $200 allowance
Frames $130 retail allowance, then 20% off remaining balance $50 allowance
  • See the plan summary for the Vision Preferred Plan for a complete list of benefits.

*Less any applicable co-pay